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We are recognized as the predominant manufacturers and suppliers of Hoists from Indian market. Hoists are the devices that are used for lifting or lowering a load by means of a drum or lift-wheel around which or chain wraps. These Hoists can be operated manually, electrically or pneumatically driven and they use chain, rope or fiber as a lifting medium. The Hoists that are electrically driven come with an electric trolley and suspension hook that makes the hoists suitable for various applications. We fabricate them from premium grade raw materials that offer rugged construction and durability to the structure. We offer our clients with different types of Hoists namely Pull Push Travel Electric Chain Hoist, Hook Suspension Electric Chain Hoist, Electric Travel Chain Hoist and Hand Operated Travel Electric Chain Hoist.

Our range of Hoists is highly preferred in the market as it has a compact and a light weight design and a simple mounting for providing an easy installation. Each hoist manufactured in our factory is tested and is made from steel and machined finished that is ideal to load chain thereby ensuring a smoother operation. The steel forged hooks are in compliance with International standards. They possess hardened alloy steel gears that are precision machined of which both the ends are mounted on ball bearings. This offers enhanced long life to the Hoists and a smooth and noiseless operation. There are only very less parts of these Hoists that requires frequent maintenance, otherwise all the remaining parts are easily accessible, removed and replaced.